• Population: 905,502
  • Capital: Suva
  • Language: English / Fijian / Fijian Hindu
  • Currency: Fijian Dollar
  • Emergency No: 910 / 911
  • Size – 7,056 Square Miles



Fiji is situated in the south pacific and is made up of  more than 300 islands. The islands with the biggest population are Viti Levu and Vanau Levu. 

The islands are famed for their beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and amazing coral reefs.


Fiji is known as the ‘soft coral capital’ of the world which means it is a diver and snorkelers dream. The Great Astrolabe Reef is an underwater adventure filled with thousands of different species of fish and sea life. Almost every resort you will visit in Fiji will have an on sight diving instructor. 

With such a great location the seafood in Fiji is unreal. You will get some of the freshest and most tasty seafood here. Seafood is a staple with the locals and what you see in the reefs will often end up on your plate. The most popular being the Mahi-Mahi, tuna and Snapper.



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