• Population: 1.325 Million
  • Capital: Tallinn 
  • Language: Estonian 
  • Currency: Euro
  • Emergency No: 112
  • Size – 17,462 Square Miles



Estonia is a small Baltic country with Russia and Finland as its neighbors.

Estonia is fairly untouched by the mass tourism seasons for now. As more people start to recognise its potential this may change but at the moment the attractions are not overrun with tourists making for a more enjoyable trip, 


Estonia prides its self on its organic food and so the veggies, fruit and seafood are always fresh. With farming being a large part of the economy you know that you really area going to get a farmhouse table experience. 

 Estonia is the birthplace of many of the big tech companies like Hotmail and Skype and so with it being so technology forwards there are so many wifi hot spots everywhere. 

 Estonia can also give you a taste of Island life with over 2000 islands in its possession a trip to the islands could be just what you need. Many of the islands have kept the old traditions of Estonia making them a great way to immesrse yourself in the countries history. 


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