• Population: 98.42 Million
  • Capital: Cairo
  • Language: Modern Standard Arabic 
  • Currency: Egyptian Pound
  • Emergency No: 126
  • Size – 390,100 Square Miles



Egypt is seen as the most tourist friendly country in the Middle East because of the numbers of tourists it seems every year.

 The biggest pull to Egypt is of course the trip to see the pyramids. It is a once in a lifetime experience but what you will find is that once you have seen it once that will be enough. 



Make sure that if you do take the trip to see the pyramids that you go an see the big Sphinx and for the photo lovers out there getting the kissy face picture with the Sphinx is of course a must. 

 The other big pull in Egypt is a visit to the Red Sea Riviera, but just be aware that the area is full of tourists and has a massive resort area. 

 If you are going to visit the River Nile then I would suggest a river cruise up it to get to hear all the history of the areas around you and get the full Nile experience. 


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