• Population: 5,603 Million
  • Capital: Copenhagen
  • Language: Danish
  • Currency: Danish Krone
  • Emergency No: 112
  • Size – 16,577Square Miles



Denmark has so much compacted into a small space with amazing architecture, beautiful castles, funky fashion, astounding artwork and iconic cities. 

Denmark will give you an amazing look a the Scandinavian life and the awesome culture that goes along side that. 


Denmark is a cyclists dream with most of the country being flat it means that you can bike everywhere. There is also an amazing infrastucture set up for this with bike lanes everywhere and areas to fix up your bike. Renting a bike is also very easy as so many people are offering the pricing is pretty competitive. 

The Capital of Copenhagen has so much to offer from a bar fully made out of ice to street food with live music as people all jam in the streets. There are amazing museums and random art projects that pop up randomly for you to enjoy for free. The city is full of colour and the buildings are all beautiful to look at and it is set around rivers and bridges making a beautiful city to visit. 

 Take a visit to Kronborg Castle the home of Hamlet. It was said that Shakespeare based his play of Hamlet on the setting of the castle. When you see how striking the beauty is at this castle you will feel the dramatic influence all around. 


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