Cook Islands 

  • Population: 17,379
  • Capital: Avarua District
  • Language: English and Rarotongan
  • Currency: Cook Islands Dollar / NZD
  • Emergency No: Police 99 Fire – 998 Ambulance – 996
  • Size – 91.39 Square Miles


Cook Islands 

The cook islands are a country made up of 15 islands that are politically tied to New Zealand.  

The Cook islands are beautifully located on the luxurious aquamarine waters just beside the international date line. 


 The island of Rarotonga offers some of the most colourful and cultural markets that are an amazing experience to go and walk around and spend your money. You can buy handmade crafts, local spices and the delicious coconut vodka. The big ticket item however is the black Tahitian style pearls that are all sourced locally and really well priced. 

 While in the cook islands when looking for relaxation with a difference why not try KiteSup yoga. Trying to stay afloat on a paddle board is difficult enough without trying to then add yoga in the mix. Be prepared you will get wet. 




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