Central African Republic

  • Population: 11.4 Million
  • Capital: Brussels
  • Language: French / German / Dutch
  • Currency: Euro
  • Emergency No: 112
  • Size – 11,849 Square Miles


Central African Republic

Belgium is a small country filled with fairy tale architecture, picturesque landscapes and diverse culture. 

The picturesque towns and villages set on small rivers and surrounded by beautiful architecture alongside its location makes Belgium one of the most wonderful places to visit in Europe. 


Belgium, home to amazing chocolate, waffles and beer the culinary world in Belgium is an experience in itself. Belgium has self professed itself to be the Vegetarian Capital with the town of Ghent promoting Veggie Thursdays. On this day they ask all non Veggies to try and be Veggie for the day. 

 Belgium is also the home to famous cartoon character Tin Tin and many other people have tried to make there own stamp in the Comic world. As you walk around Brussels you can see the amazing artworks on many wall murals 

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