• Population: 1.493 Million
  • Capital: Manama 
  • Language: Arabic 
  • Currency: Bahraini Diner 
  • Emergency No: 999
  • Size – 295.5 Square Miles



The word Bahrain means ‘two seas’ and is made up of  around 33 islands.  Bahrain is an island country in the Persian Gulf situated between the Qatar Peninsula and the North East coast of Saudi Arabia.  


Bahrain is full of so much amazing culture and history and one of the best places to learn the history is in the Bahrain National Museum.  Filled with an art gallery, a sculpture garden and a fabulous cafe the National Bahrain Museum i set on the coast and some amazing views of the bay to enjoy. 

 A trip to the Manama Souq will leave your suitcases filled with amazing bargains. Watch you don’t get lost in the aisles of stalls with people bargaining away for some amazing goods. One of the biggest bargains are the genuine pearls that are locally sourced. 

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