• Population: 395,3651
  • Capital: English
  • Langauge: English and French
  • Currency: Bahamian Dollar BSD
  • Emergency No: 911 or 919
  • Size – 5358.3 Square Miles



The Bahamas was a home to many groups of people but in 1718 it became a British Crown Colony where the Bahamas became a revelation for slavery and after the abolishment of Slavery on the Island in 1834 the Bahamas quicky became a safe haven for freed slaves. 


Nowadays the Bahamas is thriving on the Tourist industry with over 50% of the islands finances generated from tourism and more than 30% of the jobs. One of the best things about vacationing in the Bahamas is that you can visit all year round as it is always beautiful weather. 

If you love to be in the water then this is the place for you with all the most amazing water  sports taking place in the most beautiful crystal clear waters. From Snorkeling to jet-skiing or just looking at the water from the beautiful beaches and soak in the sunshine. 

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