• Population: 35.53 Million
  • Capital: Kabul
  • Language: Pashto and Dari 
  • Currency: Afghan Afghani 
  • Emergency No: 999
  • Size – 251,830 Square Miles



Afghanistan is a landlocked country in Asia. Afghanistan has been the center of many powerful empires in the last 2000 years but recently as been in war and chaos.

Afghanistan is a war zone at the moment so before trying to visit it please do your research about where is safe. Your safety must come before any travel experience.  


 Citizens of all non Afghani residents need a visa to enter the country so do your research before deciding to go. 

When looking at things to do in Afghanistan every city is blessed with a beautiful big mosque that will be lovely to see. 

The Buddhist sculptures of Bamiyan are a UNESCO heritage site and have been an amazing site to see however the Taliban have since destroyed them and so there is very little left. 

There are tours that go around Afghanistan and if it is somewhere you wish to travel to then we advise using one of these tour groups. 




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