Singapore – The Gardens By The Bay

The gardens in Singapore are some of the most iconic in the world. From the beginning of the day to the end of the day there is so much to see and explore in the Gardens by the bay that you will not regret your visit. Personally I think that flowers are beautiful but I am not a big fan of visiting garden parks and so when the idea of going to a botanical gardens came up I was feeling very underwhelmed about going. During my whole experience, I can safely say that I was pleasantly surprised.

The gardens are the pride of the local government and they have planned to change the concept so that there is not a ‘Garden in the City’ but in fact a ‘City in the Garden’. The Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced his plans at Singapore’s National Day Rally in 2005 to develop the Gardens by the Bay into Singapore’s urban outdoor recreation space with the intention of increasing the quality of life with greenery and flora throughout the city. The Gardens are now one of Singapore’s biggest attractions that brought in over 50 million visitors in 2018.

The Gardens are made up of 3 waterfront gardens, the Bay South Garden, Bay East Gardens and the Bay Central Gardens that act as a link between the other two gardens spanning over 250 acres of land.

As you take your journey through the gardens you can find many different areas to explore. You can enter into the Flower Dome which won a Guinness World record in 2015 for the largest greenhouse in the world. The dome is made up of 8 garden exhibits filled with flowers and plants from all around the world.

You can visit the Cloud forest which is built higher up in order to replicate the climate of a tropical mountain. The big feature is the 42 meters Cloud Mountain that you can go up in a lift to get to the top and then come down a path walkway surrounded by a beautiful waterfall. It is a great place to visit for a cool down on a very hot day.

The Children’s garden is a child’s paradise. It has a fabulous treehouse, and amazing adventure trail, balancing beams, suspension bridges and so much more. It is an amazing addition and a fabulous place to take kids.

The Horticultural themed gardens are designed to educate you while you enjoy the beautiful plant life around you. The gardens started a program called edutainment that endeavours to bring plant knowledge to the public and shows how plants have influenced various parts of Singaporean and South-East Asian culture.

The most popular Garden is, of course, the Supertree Grove where you see the iconic pictures of Singapore in varying colours. The 18 Supertrees are connected by a wooden walkway and are lit up in amazing colours at night. The trees are fitted with a unique technology that mimics the ecological function of trees and harnesses solar energy to provide the lights for the Gardens. At night the lights are put to work as they make a light and music show known as the Garden Rhapsody. The music changes every month or so and so if you have seen it before you should still go back and see it again. The largest Supertree has been hollowed out and turned into an observatory. Here you can learn much about the global climate change crisis with a spectacular view.

The Gardens by the Bay have well and truly earned the amazing reputation they have and I would full push everyone to visit on their Singapore trip. For the plant lover or garden expert, I have no doubt that you could spend days at a time.

The pricing for the Gardens can often vary depending on where you want to go and what you want to see however a basic entrance ticket starts at around $8 and a guided tour around $33. To do the flower dome and the cloud dome then the cost is $28.

We give it 5 Stars *****